A Warm Summer Welcome to Lancaster Resort
Please note the following for an enjoyable & memorable stay with us. 


Cottages are maintained as smoke free environments. Cottages must be left in the manner in which they are found or a cleaning and/or damage deposit will be charged.  

Garbage & Recycling bins are located at the back of the park.  Please do not leave any garbage outside to prevent raids by wildlife or you clean up!

Septic systems & Well Water.
Do not dispose of anything down the drains other than one ply toilet paper.
 Our water supply comes from a well.  Please use water sparingly. You may experience low pressure during peak water usage times. Safe drinking water – tested daily.

Boats, canoes and paddle boats are available in the beach area.  Times for boat usage: 8am to 8pm.  Do not take them out in rain or bad weather.  All children under 16 years of age must have a parent or guardian in the boats, canoes and paddle boats at all times.  Life jackets and safety buckets are to be used when using all watercraft and must be returned or you pay for them. 

Visitors must be pre-approved by management and must register at office upon arrival.  Visitor charge is $15.00 per day per visitor. No visitors if cottage is at full capacity.


Children must be supervised at all times, especially near the water.


Swimming pool rules must be followed at all times. (On the back)

Alcoholic beverages must be put in a plastic cup if you are walking around resort.


$8/bag firewood - $6/bag kindling.

Firewood must be purchased at the office - no outside wood permitted.

Quiet time after 11:00pm. No loud music at any time.


Pets are welcome as long as they are kept on a leash (including cats). Excessive barking will not be tolerated. Pets must not be left alone in the cottage unless the animal is crate trained. Do not allow your pets on the beds, chairs, or sofa’s/couches. No pets permitted on beach or in pool enclosure. Pets may swim near the boat launch. Please clean up after your pet right away.  Visitors are not permitted to bring pets.


Fishing is only permitted on the dock at the boat launch or out in a boat.


Vehicle seed limit of 10km/hr.  Please watch for children playing.


Office hours – Our office is not always open.  During the hours of 10am-5pm you can try the office or read the note on the door.   In case of an emergency outside office hours call 705-742-6947.

The Kernohan Family

Check out
Saturday 10am.  Have a safe trip home and we hope to see you again soon!